We are women of different ages with different stories. Some are studying, others work. Together we have created an association that is based on mutual exchange and supported by the contribution of each of us.

We share the desire to:

  •      stay together because we feel the importance of relationships with other women and to have a place where they can be freely lived
  •      do together because it allows us to enhance our ability to exchange our knowledge and to implement projects with other women
  •      reflect together because it is important to deepen feminist thought, valuing diversity between genres, between generations and cultures
  •      build together because  we look for  new paths in the relations between men and women, free from violence, abuse and inequality

We are convinced that we need a cultural change at all levels: at work, in the family, the economy and politics because men and women can feel protagonists of their lives.

Get to Know Us: we invite you to continue browsing our site and look at the presentation of our activities.

But the best thing you can do is to visit us. See you there!